Drone service - Austria                      


Since 2014, the useage of drones is regulated by law, in Austria.


But as our self developed drones meet all necessary safety requirements, our company got the authorization of the "Austro-Control" in 2014 already.


For flights after 06:00 pm or for special area closings we have to get a special authorisation which has to be applied from the responsible authority.


For further information, concerning the authorisations of our "sky-copters", please do not hesitate to contact us.




Please note that special authorisations

can take up to 4 weeks.



First testflight with our redundant system (april 2014)


The redudance of our drones is one of the main issues for receiving the Austrian licence.



All of our systems are doubly protected. In case of an emergency we can switch to an backup/slave system.



As all of our drones have 8 or 6 engines, we are still able to land the drones if several engines broke down.


Safety is very important and guarantees a sucessfull operation.


Because of the redundant method of construction and the permanent servicing, a break down of the drones can be almost completely excluded.


Always having a second drone at the set, there won't be any delays.